”Dollar fashion” Co. (the ultimate service concept).

1]         Card holder will be a priority customer.

2]         Full year offers regarding stitching and alteration by our firm.

3]         Home services (traveling allowance applied)
4]         Card holder can do business with us on their wish (according to company  business  plan)
5]         Free consulting regarding STYLE/IMAGE
6]         50% off on  insurance made, for  favorite jeans/trousers/any other clothes (Annual premium Rs2,000/ ).

7]         15 days credit on bill., minimum Rs 50,000/- in 2 months.

8]        Invest :- AVAIL 20 TO 25 % Card holder can achieve fabulous interest on investment,(minimum 5,000/-)

9]       The card can be nominated /transferred any time.

10]       The card can be purchased instantly at our firm or office in PUNE office.
11] can avail benefits in matrimonial service GET MARRIED 35 PLUS.
12]       sales :- Good products  with fabulous discount specially for DOLLARITES

* Lost or theft of card can be reapplied with new Id. ( full membership charges applied)

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