‘May day’ is called ‘Labour Day’ in India. And ‘Labour day’ is also called “International Workers Day’. India celebrated the first Labour Day on May 1, 1927. Many Labour Unions participated in this celebration with spectators in ‘May day’ all over India.May India also celebrated as ‘Spring Wealth Feast’ for the goddess ‘Spring’. ‘Labour day’ is an official holiday in many countries all around the world.


May Day as Labour Day in India:

In India, ‘May day’ is called as ‘Labour Day’. The ‘Labour Day’ begans with the United States Labour movement in 19th century. The labour movement was started on May 1, 1886 in United States. Some Labour organizations in the country called on strike because of, they wanted an 8-hour working days. . A rebel threw a bomb in chicago area.  12 persons died as well as police officers. About 100 people are wounded.

The rebels did not find an urgent result.  But they gained a successful result slowly. When 8-hour the working days  happened to the standard in many countries around the world. ‘Labour Day’ was therefore selected as a day for rallies, processions and speeches. ‘Labour Day’ is a most important holiday in United States, Russia and other socialist nations.  In India, ‘Labour Day’ is a public holiday.

 ‘Labour Day’ is an event observed on May 1 in many countries around the globe. ‘Labour Day’ is now frequently a day for processions and parades. On the ‘Labour Day’, many labour organizations in India take march and conduct contests for offspring going to labour category.

 Nevertheless, in current years, the celebration of this day has obtained a new roll, where the workers and trade organizations claim to protect their safety and give the financial growth of a human courage.

we respect this day because our  concept is based on labours ,  dollarite and




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