• Alteration
  • Process Dyeing
  • Darning
  • Academic Outlet
  • Stitching
  • Sales
  • Investment
  • Insurance of fabric/ favourite brand

4 Responses to SERVICES

  1. Cialis says:

    Thanks a lot for your information! Honestly I have never been told anything that awesome.

  2. Jayant Nadkarni says:

    I am a great admirere of Rajesh Tailor at Wonderland. I have been going to him for alterations for my clothes for many years and his service is excellent. He has two qualities which are very rare in today’s world. He is punctual to a fault and he is so very polite. It has been a privilege to find him.
    Frankly I did not know that he had a website. I find that is very sophisticated and up to date. I really wish him much more success in the future. India is in need of such enterprising and hardworking people.
    Best wishes
    Jayant Nadkarni

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