Appreciate Personal Thoughts

When is the country open? Though we say our country a democratic, actions are taken against .still then why can’t the leaders of our country think for the welfare of a common man? Leader’s thoughts not getting matched. It is not even necessary that each person’s thoughts should match. But a person on chair should really think for people.
The people who are not leaders some where definitely give evidence that they are patriotic and they are not leaders. How many leaders are patriotic? Though the draft is made, besides this people in our country enjoys or takes rest because of false conclusions. Are people working so hard to have such closed day in our country? As compared to early ages humans having a less life span to live, to avail success in their prior desire or dream. Such closed days are hurdles for them and making country non sustainable. If one person is successful, he fulfills somebody’s dreams. He is responsible for his community, society and thus country.
Out of 365days weekly holidays are 48, allotted almost 35 plus holiday, emergency closed days. So, more than 100 days is a waste for a common man.
Why is the country helping to bring foreign companies in our country? Its good for making vacancies to country people. There are still many people who can build a good source for common man of our country. My words are not criticizing the existing chair person but is trying to make relies the depth that something is more possible for the sake of country.
In my school days I still remember writing an essay on ‘’if I was someone’’. I wish I could get the opportunity to write on such topics now.
‘’If I become the president of India ‘’
I think I really can think better for my country. My concentration in building good relations with people of my country, nations besides my country, boosting my country through mentally, financially, medically and socially. Eradicating all bad things world wide.
Many time foreign invaders came to our country for some or the other reason. We the cultured people greeted them and their ideas. But somehow lost our self-respect and tangled ourselves in their opinions.
Some of the evil habits in our country were not that severe. Spoiling the youth is as if giving slow poison to them. Abdicating themselves for such habit is not worth! If this cant be restricted then there would be a day when the country will be named ‘’closed country’’.
How many country people would be happy to hear such name? Addiction is not only path to close my beloved country ‘’INDIA’’.
So many other wrong things are carried out. I wish I could really close that wrong and open right.
Yes! An open day. It’s possible, when we can close day, why can’t we make open day? Why do we want to see closed day with our eyes open? A person who is really thoughtful will really appreciate my thoughts and join me and say openly and loudly ‘’ NO MORE CLOSED DAY IN OUR COUNTRY INDIA’’!