Care of brands

In fashion Brand matters a lot. The favorite brands, need some care to be taken. Some of the care points are

A] Pure wool fabrics and a combination of wool, silk, linin fibers:
1) Do not wash the fabric.
2) Only dry clean.
3) No bleaching.
4) Use a fine dump cloth while ironing, max temp 150 degree celcious.
5) Hang the fabric on hanger for good fall of fabric.
6) Do not dry the fabric in direct sunlight.

B] Polywool/Poly viscose fabric:

1) The fabric is to be socked in cold water (about 27 degree celcious with detergent.
2) Rub the fabric gently.
3) Do not squeeze the fabric.

C] Dry clean with only perchlorothelene/white spirit.